Qinghai National University incubator incubator audit settled in the first phase of innovation and e

10 month 17 days, reporters from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, recently, Qinghai National University Business Incubator approved the first phase of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, through the examination of the project will be settled in Qinghai National University Business incubator.

to participate in the first phase of innovation and entrepreneurship audit project innovation and entrepreneurship project of a total of 28 students, covering a wide range of cultural and creative, information technology, sports fitness, e-commerce, education and consulting. Among them, 16 projects in the creative stage, the 12 projects have entered the initial stage. The project review process, 28 project team representatives around the project positioning, market research, marketing, team building, through the PPT demonstration, the physical display form introduced their business plan and development prospects. Eventually, the people of the micro O2O intelligent life platform and other 25 projects through the audit, determined to settle in Qinghai National University incubator.


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