October 31st, Xining city held the 2009 annual party ordering and distribution work meetings, arrangements for the New Year party issued.

the meeting pointed out that the party newspapers and journals is an important position of public opinion of the party and plays an important role in building a socialist harmonious society. All localities and departments and units should stand on the in-depth study and practice the Scientific Outlook on Development height, fully understand the significance of good newspapers and journals, the issuance of work, conscientiously do a good job of Party newspapers and journals of the publicity and distribution work, expanding the coverage of newspapers and journals, give full play to the use and role of Party newspapers and journals, widely publicize the party’s theory, line, policy, guide the majority of Party members and cadres and the masses of the people thinking of the goal of building a well-off society, to provide strong public support for the construction of a harmonious society. At all levels of the organization and publicity departments should fully understand the important role of Party newspapers and journals, from strengthening the party’s ruling ability construction, further enhance political awareness, overall awareness and sense of responsibility, to complete the subscription hundred-percent party issuing task.

meeting the requirements to the issue of Party newspapers and journals, is an important part of our party to strengthen the propaganda and ideological work. Therefore, we must from the political perspective, fully understand the "people’s Daily", "seeking truth" and the "Qinghai daily", "Qinghai" and other newspapers and journals, the life of the Party issued the importance of the work, hope that all localities and departments and units to further raise awareness, with a high degree of responsibility to the party in 2009 the party issuing work well, the number of issued in accordance with the approved in 2009 on the party to ensure that there is a steady rise subscription number.