Xining 200 tons of coal fired boilers during the transformation

is the air pollution situation improved in winter spring season, the provincial capital will be clean energy heating in winter as a major breakthrough in the blue sky project ", the implementation of the year to complete the urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas, reduce dust pollution of burning coal producing city.

this year, the provincial capital repeatedly suffered haze pollution can not be ignored is that the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot dust emissions, resulting in emissions of air pollutants, the urban atmospheric environment has been affected. According to the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, according to the beginning of the year to develop coal gas rectification task, at present, Xining city coal gas has entered the rectification stage, for heating in the winter before the completion of urban area of 200 tons of steam coal fired boiler coal gas works. At the same time, the work completed by the end of 92 coal site remediation, construction area of coal trading market, banned the serious pollution, the coal enterprises operating without license and coal heap places, solve the city’s coal dust pollution. In addition, the city within the scope of the delineation of 710 catering service units to implement the comprehensive management of soot pollution, the installation of fume purification devices, and switch to clean energy, prohibit the burning of raw coal. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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