The snow leopard Prince in Anhui Premiere

the evening of May 19th, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Anhui provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly organized, and the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Anhui province and the acrobatic troupe rehearsal of the common project in 2015 the National Arts Fund – vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard Prince" first performances at the Anhui Grand Theater, audience of more than 1200. Deputy director of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, deputy director general and Secretary General of the National Arts Fund Zhao Shaohua attended the show and give a high degree of evaluation of the successful debut of the play.

snow leopard Prince lasted two years of planning, a row. Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Anhui performing arts group has repeatedly into the Xining, Yushu and other places to carry out folk songs. The play was listed as the ten largest performing arts brand in Anhui in year 2016.

vaudeville drama "Snow Leopard" to the prince, on the verge of plateau rare animal "Snow Leopard" as the topic of the line of sight and the starting point, combining the unique Tibetan music, dance and acrobatics, make people and nature, people and animal become two different power plot driven, in order to present a buried beneath, the Kunlun ice and snow leopard, capable of evoking praises and tears legend.


series is in Anhui province and carry out cultural cooperation projects, to create fine art, a useful attempt to explore the combination and cooperation of the road, to the Tibetan song and dance with the traditional acrobatic art fusion, show the plateau natural scenery and ethnic customs of the big picture of america. The whole song and dance drama is divided into four acts, namely, "growth" and "return" "rebirth" "home". June 16th snow leopard prince will debut at the Xining stadium, the Western performing arts center.


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