Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a mobilization of the style building activities of the gen

April 20th morning, Xining City Education Bureau held a mobilization meeting in the work style construction, learning to convey the "opinions" of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on the style of construction activities, read the "Style Construction Bureau of Xining city education activities implementation plan", deputy party secretary of bureau of Comrade Ma Shengqing on behalf of the bureau Party committee made a mobilization speech. All personnel attended the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that all the staff should fully understand the significance of the change of work style, strengthen the consciousness of developing style of construction activities; fully understand the existing problems in the construction of work style, enhance the style of construction activities carried out targeted; clear style construction general requirements, improve the effectiveness of style of construction activities; implement to ensure the effectiveness and style of construction activities. At the same time, the leading cadres should take the lead role; all the staff should actively participate in and innovate constantly; open the door and find out the problems. In order to create a new breakthrough learning organ, a new breakthrough in the work of innovation, in the development of new breakthroughs in research, new breakthroughs in improving the efficiency of office work, a good image of total tree of educational administration. To closely combine the key work in 2007, the arrangement of the activities of the construction of the year, to ensure that the work carried out. (author: he arrow)


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