Traffic police illegal people can call to report

reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, with immediate effect, the detachment will carry out a period of 60 days of education and rectification activities, the public found that traffic police can call to report violations.


education and rectification activities mainly for law enforcement on Road Post, post and post accident handling chariotest pipe. Road law enforcement will focus on: to detain the vehicle, driving license, driving license is not issued certificate administrative coercive measures; not to issue a "decision" or "not just fill in the penalty decision" dealing with traffic violations; Xieqin auxiliary personnel to replace police issued a penalty decision to participate in the enforcement of law enforcement in behavior; the traffic violations of vehicle driving attitude is simple, rough, and even banging on the window, on the hood of the vehicle; the use of his position to "chinakayao"; to deal with the accident of post, focus on large incidents, the cases are put in the hands of the long, the opportunity to profit; compulsory accident damage to the vehicle to the designated location repair or inspection appraisal agencies designated traffic accidents, to reap benefits; receive the accident party bad attitude or improper methods, no way More, resulting in conflicts, trigger (letter) to visit or group events; site survey and fill out the responsibility confirmation is not careful, do human case, accident injustice; the focus of the chariotest management positions, using for a vehicle or driver for the property management business to the party or with illegal intermediary collusion to provide the paid service charge; driving coaches, training institutions, the applicant property; for the vehicle does not comply with the laws, regulations and national standards of the license or without inspection or inspection unqualified motor vehicle inspection marks issued in violation of the provisions; for the examination unqualified personnel qualification examination results without endorsement; inspection of motor vehicles according to the provisions of the project according to the content; the prescribed time limit for business.

city traffic police detachment requires subordinate units to report to the public discipline inspection and supervision of telephone complaints, broaden the channels of supervision. Police found that the presence of these violations can call the police detachment complaints Tel: 6307231, 6320330-886. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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