Huangzhong investment 6 million solutions to the urgent needs of Education

Students "car difficult" phenomenon still exists; campus long-term lack of formal security personnel; mountain kindergarten preschool education needs to be improved…… In the face of such as not, the province can not be a series of livelihood education urgent need, recently, Huangzhong County, the party’s mass line of educational practice to spend about 6000000 yuan, focused on solving the urgent needs of several aspects of education.

to purchase 10 new school buses to ease students ride difficult: following last year on the five basic Zhuang Zhen, Gonghe town and other remote mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas with 10 boarding school bus, county finance invested 2 million 600 thousand yuan this year, a new car for the purchase of 10 school compulsory boarding school, relief students focus on time to ride difficult problem, to solve the boarding students go to school far away from the hard drive, transportation cost is high. On this basis, the establishment of a long-term mechanism for school buses, to provide students with safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient school bus service. 80 school full-time security guards one after another: financing of $2 million 440 thousand, for the county’s key schools in the unified with 85 full-time security, which has been in place for the last time on the job, and the remaining 60 are being trained in the 20 in. A $1 million 300 thousand improvement at preschool kindergarten conditions: preschool education mainly located in remote mountainous areas have no formal kindergarten, in the county in recent years to increase financial support, and overcome the shortage of funds this year, arranged 1 million 300 thousand yuan of special funds, the purchase of the disinfection cabinet, cooler, freezer, pumping, bedding, broaching machine toys and other equipment for the 63 County preschool education, preschool education makes the county all point to realize the "five no", to improve the teaching quality of foundation.  

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