Glasses store profit is how to earn

although a lot of people are now aware of the glasses store can earn high profits, however, this profit is how to earn, for many laymen is still a question. So, glasses store profit is how to earn? And let Xiaobian for your analysis, to see if you understand the industry.

glasses industry annual output value? Say it scary, 30 billion! Most of them are glasses store profits. According to statistics, there are about five hundred million people wearing Chinese or buy glasses, according to conservative three years change a pair of eyes to calculate the annual market demand is close to two hundred million, this is not tainted glasses glasses. It is clear that the glasses market is a huge cake, and for outsiders to be a bit confused: the glasses store profits come from?

outsiders can not understand is that we usually go to the optical shop, feeling the customer is not much, then why the glasses shop can make money? How do you make millions of dollars a year?

in the glasses industry, there is such a jingle: "20 yuan to 200 yuan to sell the frames you speak out, 300 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, are you speaking the market sold 400 yuan". The huge cake, returns, glasses industry gives the impression of profits and always equate. So, China’s glasses market profit in the end how much? Who can benefit from it?


glasses shop is the most direct method of obtaining profits low price, high price, it seems very simple, in fact, this is not easy. Shop the threshold is not low, relatively high on the first store location, so the rent will be relatively expensive, then glasses the purchase price of the products is relatively low, but the purchase of equipment is not a small sum of money, the most important thing is to prepare two copies of certificate of open glasses shop, optometrist and with the workers, and at least if intermediate title or above.

glasses store profit is indeed large, which attracted a lot of entrepreneurs. However, the threshold of the industry is not low, especially the need for relevant certificates. Of course, although the threshold is high, there are shortcuts to copy. Although the opening of the optical shop looks high threshold, but if we can choose a suitable brand to join the cooperation, such a business will naturally do better.

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