How to sell new cigarette

some old brands of cigarettes, although it is already open the market, just put it inside the shop, you do not need to do what you can sell a good sales. However, the profits of these cigarettes old brand is almost transparent, the store if you want to increase revenue, is not easy. So, as a retail store owner, if you want to increase revenue, naturally need to sell new cigarettes. However, the retail store how to sell new cigarettes?

As a retail store,

is a special commodity, and it is also an important source of profit. With the development of tobacco industry, cigarette brands are more and more. Cigarettes are generally divided into old brands, new brands, can also be divided into Shun brand, tight brand. The old brand is already recognized by the customer brand, and the new brand is a need to nurture, need to go through our recommendations in order to allow customers to recognize the brand.

we all know, in general, although the old brand sales faster, but belong to the homogenization of the public brand, almost every store has, we in order to attract customers, the price is low, the profit is quite low. While the new brand of cigarettes after a period of time to recommend, in order to enable the customer to accept, but the profit is higher than the average brand.

general store location advantage, local customer liquidity, a new brand of cigarette sales faster, while the store location is remote, only some old customers or old customers, old brand sales is relatively fast. So, as a retail household, how should we pay attention to and recommend new brands of cigarettes to customers, in order to improve the store profit point? I invited several retailers to the boss about your wise remark of an experienced person.

Jiangxi, Yichun bamboo town, the owner of the yellow house

I shop in

Street Center Street roundabout Town, shop for 18 years. I shop because of the superior position, liquidity customers more, from customers from all sides, high school low levels of each consumer, in order to meet the various needs of customers, each time to order the cigarette to date, I will be in the new business page carefully to see if there are any new cigarette market, once found new brand cigarette, I will actively try to order.

if the price is too high, I will order one or two try to sell, I put it back into a display in a conspicuous position smoke cabinet, a buy with the price of the cigarette customers into the store, I would recommend them to buy with the price of the new brand of cigarettes. After my strong recommendation, the new brand of cigarettes can always be recognized by some customers, and sometimes they will advertise for me, the introduction of smoking friends and relatives to my store to buy. If the price is not high the new cigarette brands, such as 30 – 50 yuan a can order 5 trial, because the low price will not affect the stock liquidity inconvenience caused by cigarette.

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