City Commission for Discipline nspection leaders came to Datong County to inform the implementation

recently, Zheng Xingjian, director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the law enforcement and his party came to Datong County, 3 counties to inform the implementation of the guidance system.

director Zheng line to form to Changning conducted a thorough investigation of the town, Datong county administrative approval service hall and other units to inform the system implementation view. By viewing the whereabouts of this card, issuing questionnaires, and the work of the masses to form a detailed understanding of the implementation of Datong to inform the system, Zheng Zhuren affirmed this system in Datong County to implement, for inspection found in the direction of this card is not timely set specific requirements. One is to directly in the organs and institutions serving the masses work window units and township public service hall, close the county administrative approval service hall and other kinds of social and public relations, direct services to the people of the window should be fully implemented to inform the system to set up to inform the board, clear staff whereabouts. The two is to inform the system into a long-term mechanism to further strengthen the implementation of the system. The three is to strengthen supervision and inspection, will inform the system with the "governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered activities together, take the form of a thorough investigation, periodic inspection, to ensure the implementation of.

to inform the implementation of the system, to further change the work style of cadres, and constantly improve the level of work fine in Datong County to serve the people, for the people, to achieve the purpose of the convenience of the people, has played a positive role in promoting.


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