nspection of various types of food and beverage units more than 480 Xining has not yet found artifi

learned that, by December 18th, the city’s health supervision departments at all levels to check all types of catering units more than 480, has not yet found artificial eggs procurement and use.

according to the provincial food and Drug Administration in the province "on the catering service enterprises to carry out supervision and inspection of the" artificial egg "notice" requirements and the arrangement of the municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau in December 16th to deploy the city catering industry "artificial egg" investigation, asked the city at all levels of health supervision departments quickly carry out the work of the special inventory increase. Food raw materials purchase inspection certificate and invoice and ledger registration system of supervision and inspection, to prevent the "artificial egg" to enter the city catering services link. Once found, timely investigation and timely reporting of the situation. Health supervision departments at all levels to carry out special inspections within the area. Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision requirements of the straight 18 large catering units to carry out self-examination.

it is reported that artificial egg shell is made of calcium carbonate, egg yolk and egg white is made with sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, calcium chloride, water, pigment, etc.. Artificial eggs are the main components of chemical composition, long-term consumption of artificial eggs will cause brain memory decline, dementia, etc., artificial egg manufacturers are "underground factory."


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