My heart the most beautiful park Photography Contest

this gorgeous riotous with colour, beautiful birds flying insects, fluttering intoxicating aroma, here is the public garden park, sometimes words cannot describe the beauty of a vivid image can make people more intuitive feel for their beauty. In this beautiful season, please pick up the camera, cell phone, leaving the park’s vivid and beautiful bar. At present, this joint Xining City Gardens Bureau, Qinghai province Photographers Association held my heart the most beautiful park photography contest has been carried out in hot. At the beginning of the establishment of the new
held in my mind the most beautiful park in the city park "photography contest requirements as the background, multi direction and multi view display of natural landscape and unique cultural connotations in the park, extensive collection of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture Xining city park greening, ecological construction, natural landscape, historical changes of seasons all things, garden activities, wildlife parks, cultural life, leisure and entertainment scene to reflect and show the park development, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature photography. Works collection time from now to November 30th.
the contest received traditional camera works and digital photography, photography color, black and white pictures, submitted works quantity limitation, can also be a group. Participating photography works in JPG format, each size of 4M or more. Digital photography shall not use computer technology for synthesis, add, delete, change color and other technical treatment. The photo contest set up one or two and the top prize, and other awards, and excellent award of 30, the winners will be awarded the award and certificate issued by the organizers.

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