Green investment to promote green development

6 months, the plateau green is strong, 2016 China · once a year; Qinghai green investment and trade fair to be opened.

open cooperation · green development "theme of the show is unchanged, this is always the pursuit of Qinghai; to show the media, attracting business selection should pay more attention to" green investment, promoting green development with "green business", to achieve a better quality, more sustainable development, which is to adhere to and the goal of Qinghai the.

investment is an important way to enlarge the scale of economy and enhance the ability of sustainable development. Through the Green Fair this platform, investors at home and abroad have entered Qinghai, Qinghai, the construction of Qinghai, technology, capital, management, personnel and other factors of production have to flow to Qinghai.

in recent years, our province firmly grasp the "The Belt and Road" construction, a new round of western development and the eastern industrial transfer and other major opportunities, give full play to the resource advantages, location advantages and industrial advantages, mobilize all levels of government, parks, enterprises and chambers of Commerce and other investment resources and power, chemical and energy around Saline Lake chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, light industry characteristics and advantages of the 5 traditional industries, new energy, new material industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, bio pharmaceutical industry, information industry, 5 emerging industries, energy-saving environmental protection industry, information technology application of 2 new formats, aimed at the domestic industry leading enterprises, to carry out all-round, multi-level the investment activities. Innovative ways to attract investment, industrial investment, to attract business, the province’s investment has achieved remarkable results.


12th Five-Year" period, the province completed general industrial investment 355 billion 200 million yuan, an average annual growth rate of nearly 20%, key industrial projects included in the province completed investment of 235 billion 800 million yuan, which accounted for 63% of investment projects, investment accounted for 50%. Qinghai’s resources and environmental advantages gradually transformed into the characteristic industry, green industry, promote the transformation and upgrading and accelerate the development of Qinghai economy, investment has become an important support to promote the province’s industrial development.

in the market economy, the opportunity fleeting. From the project, more important is to let the air plant benefit project as soon as possible.

since the end of the meeting, the province adhere to the signing of the number, size and landing three focus, and actively carry out investment projects landing services and coordination. Currently, the 2015 youth Fair will be the implementation of the signing of the 365 projects, the funds in place of 73 billion 140 million yuan, the project compliance rate of up to 96.6%, the operating rate of 79.1%, the rate of funds reached a record high in the past year, reaching 40.3%.

Qinghai set in the west, ethnic, poverty-stricken areas in one, weak industrial base, the proportion of heavy chemical industry. To achieve the transformation and development of industrial economy, it is necessary to seize the key link of investment, optimize the stock, with the incremental adjustment structure. Our province outstanding fill chain, make up the short board, strong innovation, excellent cluster, adhere to recruit big business, strong business, poly excellent business, the major investment projects, to promote the province’s industrial low carbon green;

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