How to deal with the ban on food and beverage industry in our city

Since November 1st, the catering industry management measures of the State Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "(Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") started the trial, the "measures" provisions, prohibited catering operators set minimum consumption, the maximum penalty 30 thousand yuan. This means that the entrance into the private room to achieve the minimum fee, or else go to the dining hall, which exists in the restaurant industry in the long term, the unspoken rules in the November 1st after it was stopped. So, in the face of the ban, the city’s food and beverage industry is not set minimum consumption? The minimum consumption of food and beverage industry can not be cured? In recent days, the reporter found that the city’s individual restaurants, hotels still have the lowest consumption. Many people can really implement this ban expressed concern. Visit: individual restaurant is still walking along with the improvement of the quality of life, people on the food and dining environment requirements are constantly improve, many restaurant facilities become more and more large, luxurious environment is set behind the threshold, in this regard, the reporter random unannounced visits to the city a number of high-end hotels, restaurants are found has canceled the minimum consumption, only individual restaurants are still under the minimum consumption of the edge ball. [phenomenon] the number of dining rooms to limit the number of reporters visited the restaurant market found that some restaurants, hotel rooms will limit the minimum number of meals. In this regard, a person in charge of a hotel in the city, the operating costs of the restaurant room is higher than the lobby, the lobby area on average each waiter three tables, but in a private room in a private room will be responsible for a waiter. Secondly, the rent rooms, lighting, sanitary equipment, electrical appliances are more than the hall hall, electricity, equipment costs are higher than the hall. During the interview, the restaurant operator, said: we have raised the minimum number of rooms to use restrictions, such as the minimum number of people in the original package for 6 people, after the number of people required to reach up to 8 to 10. There is a private room before the guests, first ask the number of people to come to dinner, and then give the arrangement, a small number of meals, generally do not give arrangements for private rooms. This is to avoid waste of resources." [two] the phenomenon of minimum consumption into packages according to Ms. Zhang reflect citizen, a restaurant in the near West District Meteorological lane, although there is no minimum consumption, but the guests who want to enjoy the rooms, the restaurant would need to provide the package (package high price), if you want a single point dishes will be subject to 150 yuan package fee. Although the restaurant will send some tea and snacks, but Ms. Zhang believes that tea and snacks is not worth 150 yuan, and Ms. Zhang believes that the behavior of the restaurant and the lowest consumption no difference. Subsequently, the reporter as a consumer to the restaurant, the restaurant staff told reporters that the room no minimum consumption, but consumers do not want to use private rooms, such as point package, you need to pay 150 yuan fee room. At the same time, the reporter also learned that many food and beverage operators on the introduction of the measures have their own views. "Of course, we want to make all the customers feel happy, comfortable, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter a small number of unreasonable consumers." A tea restaurant owner said: two days ago, there are only three customers, only a cup of drinks, but in the store to talk about closing, operating costs have been rising, if the conditions to meet customers,;

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