Huangzhong held the first photography contest

photography to enhance the quality of tourism, promoting tourism image publicity, Huangzhong county held 2013 China Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong "China Mobile Cup" first photography contest ", and in October 11th, organized provincial photographers dozens of photographers in-depth rural mountain folk songs.

in order to better promote the Huangzhong county is rich in culture, tourism, natural resources, economic and social development as well as places of historic interest and scenic beauty, namely the use of the unique language of photography, recording the history of the development of Huangzhong, showing the development of Huangzhong achievements, build Huangzhong cultural tourism brand, sponsored by the Huangzhong County People’s government, Huangzhong county Party Committee Propaganda Department, China Mobile Communications Group Qinghai Ltd. and other units, the 2013 "Qinghai province Photographers Association guidance Chinese Qinghai · beautiful Huangzhong" China Mobile Cup "first photography contest" will be ending in October 20th. (author: son b)


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