City Health Bureau to further increase the overall prevention and control of hand foot and mouth dis

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, the network monitoring of infectious diseases in Xining area were monitored by the end of May 22, 2011, 54 cases of HFMD, no severe and death cases; 18 cases monitored in April, reported incidence rate of 0.83/10 million, and in March (6 cases) compared to an increase of 196.43%, compared with April last year (244 Cases) compared to a decrease of 92.63%; the majority of the patients in the city area, north area, accounting for 66.67% of the total incidence; the incidence in the nursery children and scattered children, accounted for 94.44%; the incidence of HFMD in Xining area has increased, the incidence in preschools, scattered among children, the incidence is higher than that of rural area.  

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