Approved by the National Tourism Administration, sponsored by the China Tourism Association, the China Tourism newspaper in 2013 China Tourism billboard list released projects, has entered the selection and determination, voting stage. Reporters yesterday found in the selection list, the great beauty of Qinghai with rich and varied tourism resources and rich folk customs, profound cultural characteristics, the scenic spots in the domestic landscape. Thousands of competitors in the country, the province more than a number of scenic spots into the top thirty list. The determination of eleven elected items, respectively in Qinghai tourism "beautiful China" top ten tourist county (District) candidate list, "beautiful China" top ten tourist town (Village), "beautiful Chinese" ten scenic spots, beautiful China ten theme tourist line, 2013 TOP10, 2013 Chinese tourism marketing innovation China drive swim camp TOP10 projects such as the top thirty list of candidates. Qinghai tourism this strong appearance, reflecting the great beauty of Qinghai in tourism resources, tourism can enter a strong advantage. At present, Qinghai Province, Guide County, Qinghai province Qilian County into the beautiful Chinese top ten tourist county (District) candidate list; Hexi Town of Qinghai County of Guide Province, Qinghai province mutual lattice Er Jia Cun Xiao Zhuang Cun Tu Autonomous County Weiyuan town named "beautiful China" top ten tourist town (Village) candidate list of tourist attractions, Qinghai Lake; Qinghai Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers into the "beautiful China" top ten tourist attractions list; Xining tourism circle ring summer line, riding lake, passion for flying into the "beautiful China ten" theme tour routes list; "beauty of Qinghai" promotion into the 2013 Chinese tourism marketing innovation TOP10 candidate list; Qinghai mutual Ying yuan, self driving camp Xining City Xiang Qu Yuan self driving camp into the 2013 Chinese ZiJiaYou camp TOP10 candidate list.