in the whole modern labor force, there are a lot of people who are worth us to learn, at the same time, there are more and more entrepreneurs also have started to get out of their home, the road on the riches.

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settled in Leshan a year later, exert their knowledge of confidence in the future of the Yang Xiaoyun decision, a contribution to their English education in Leshan. She resigned from the original work, began to organize their English training school in July 2004. Time is ten years, and now Yang Xiaoyun’s dream. She is currently the Central District of Leshan City, the koala English training school, the school is approved by the Leshan Municipal Education Bureau, Central Bureau of Civil Affairs approved professional English training institutions, ten years to provide professional English training has for thousands of students. At the beginning of the school, there are only three classrooms, the teaching space has more than 800 square meters, each classroom has a multimedia teaching equipment, and are used in Hongkong first-class English teaching aids.