2013 introduction of Xining Urban Development nvestment Fair

first, the main activities of the fair during the fair 1 investment promotion activities. During the fair will be organized to carry out the investment environment and the focus of investment promotion seminar. 2 project signing activities. "Fair" during the organization of special project signing, the introduction of a number of cities to enhance the quality of urban development projects. 3 state owned land reserve situation briefing. Organized by the state owned land reserve in Xining to promote the briefing, the fair organized a land auction. Xining real estate and home industry expo 4.2013. A comprehensive display of our real estate development achievements, to carry out the most beautiful building selection activities for the city’s real estate development enterprises and property buyers to build a convenient communication platform to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the real estate industry. China Qinghai (International) Auto Culture Expo 5.2013. Highlight the cultural atmosphere of the car, create a cultural atmosphere of the car, the spread of automotive culture, promote the healthy development of the city’s automobile consumer market. The 6.2013 summer place name snack delicacy festival. Focus on the local characteristics of local snacks and food culture. 7 local cultural tourism products. Concentrated display Thangka, Kunlun jade with local characteristics of cultural tourism products.
two, the layout of the exhibition hall this session of the exhibition hall is divided into comprehensive exhibition, real estate and home exhibition, car culture exhibition, local characteristics of cultural tourism products exhibition. In the south of the International Convention and Exhibition Center A, B, C and other outdoor exhibition hall three, showing an area of 60 thousand square meters, of which the indoor area of 53 thousand square meters, outdoor area of 7000 square meters. Comprehensive exhibition area: located in the South Hall of the A Museum and C Museum, a total of 9 exhibition areas. The main contents are as follows: the exhibition city construction achievements and city planning; Chengdong District, train station area exhibition; exhibition area, Nanchuan City Management Committee; Pavilion Lake District West District, North District Management Committee, Management Committee; Huang area; circular economy and industrial area; Huangzhong County; Huangyuan County; Datong County area. Car culture exhibition: located in the A Museum, B Museum and C hall, a layer of North hall. Among them, the A Museum has 2 exhibition halls, the B Museum has 18 exhibition halls, and the North Hall of the C pavilion has a total of 12 exhibition halls. Real estate and home exhibition: located in the A Museum and C two floor, a total of 39 booths. Local cultural tourism products exhibition area: located in the two floor of the B Museum Boutique exhibition hall. The main organization of Thangka Art Association and other 10 units, Qinghai Kunlun jade group and other 10 companies, respectively, show Thangka and Kunlun jade carving art to enhance the visibility of the city cultural tourism product development, promote the city’s tourism and cultural industries.
three, the promotion of the project this forum to promote a total of 139 projects, with a total investment of $171 billion 303 million. Among them, the city construction projects 54, investment of 92 billion 550 million yuan; industrial development projects a total of 19, the investment amounted to 21 billion 315 million yuan; culture and tourism projects a total of 32, the investment amounted to 10 billion 337 million yuan; circulation services a total of 12 projects, investment of 347;

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