Chaoyang Street by carrying out various forms of publicity and education of citizen morality and create a national civilized city of publicity and education activities, and further stimulate the people concerned about a city, a city support and participate in the "creative city" enthusiasm, and constantly improve the public morality and civilization of the whole city.
vigorously carry out the patriotic health campaign, focusing on governance main city, Beijiexiaoxiang, public places, urban fringe areas such as environmental health, efforts to change the litter, Luandaluanjian, scribbling etc. the phenomenon of. Through the organization of volunteers on the road section, under the community ", in" clean homes "compulsory labor," in front of three "supervise inspections and other types of volunteer service, to further strengthen the volunteer advocacy and demonstration effect, in the area of the formation of Chaoyang is my family, everyone a good atmosphere of the landscaping by. A total of more than 700 volunteers dispatched more than 1000 clear, cluttered, garbage removal and construction waste garbage more than 50 trips, more than 800 tons, up more than 1500 graffiti.