Lake race into Zhangye to start a journey of friendship


in this stage of highest point and the lowest point is 2370 meters high, the track is downhill. On the way over 3869 meters above sea level after the special climbing points, it is up to 124 km downhill. The same day, the weather is still cold, riding the team from Qilian departure. The beginning of the game, to climb the standings at the second Ukraine Amor Vita team rider Alizadeh highlights the first group, to launch the final challenge of climbing king. Alizadeh successfully grabbed the first integral 3 climbing point. Rob points took this lake race last 3 climbing points, Alizadeh led the way with a large group of wind down the mountain, and the first crossed the first sprint points. After the fierce fight, tired of Alizadeh riding speed gradually reduced, until it was engulfed in clusters. Since then, a large group to the current round of the tournament’s last super climbing point rushed, the regiment has also split into a number of small groups. Finally, Marseille Apple team Gregor · tower Germany, Qinghai guy Liu Biao, Madeleine and Alizadeh in the yellow jersey Miersa crossed at an altitude of 3869 meters climbing grade point.

the end of this lake race last point after the team began climbing, a road sloped down, into the territory of Gansu, while the rain began to change, the temperature decreased again, all was split into a large group of line again together. Change the game along the way scenery, over Tibetan Plateau grasslands, snow capped mountains, Gobi track, the race team entered the Hexi Corridor, a roadside room built red brick farmhouse, nestled in the green flowers. Picturesque scenery, enthusiastic audience, flat track, and the race around the lake team woven into a picture containing a different picture. At this moment, the teams seemed relieved, there are several riders to take out several times to mass, but were mass recovery. Finally, the Italy team Baltimore Sasha · Moduoluo narrowly took the stage of the championship, Ariel · Italy blue wave – Merida Ruichezi; and Azerbaijan Xinaiji Baku team driver Thomas Rogers won the two or three ·.

After this stage of

, there were no colored jersey;

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