Accelerate the construction of water conservancy in Xining

reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, this year, Xining water conservancy construction plans to invest 1 billion 400 million yuan, the focus of investment is the livelihood of water conservancy, ecological water conservancy, water conservancy and water conservation society.

this year, the city will fully implement the project driven strategy, continue to accelerate the construction of key water conservancy projects, to build a high standard flood control barrier. The construction of flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project plan, the implementation of the urban comprehensive regulation project of the Beichuan River, Nanchuan River upstream (Xie Zhai bridge to Nanchuan river reservoir) comprehensive treatment project, Xining flood control and drought early warning command center information system platform for comprehensive management of construction engineering; continued Huangshui River in Beichuan county and Huangyuan County Datong River comprehensive management of river engineering; strive to build Huangyuan County rouchard River comprehensive management of large ditch and pull Huangzhong County watershed comprehensive management of disaster gully control project, water conservancy departments with the provincial yindajihuang West trunk canal water diversion project, efforts to solve the problem of shortage of water resources in the south.

at the same time, do a good job of water conservancy construction, and strive to build a new bright spot for the new rural construction. With the development of people’s livelihood "as the focus, the full implementation of the safety of drinking water, irrigation improvement, agricultural water conservancy facilities facilities, water and soil conservation, reservoir reinforcement, flood channel management, small water conservancy facilities repair, protection of water resources and river harnessing projects, through implementation of the project, really let the masses benefit. At the same time, the city and three counties for drainage network expansion, improve the city’s water supply and drainage capacity. (author: small words)

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