In order to implement the spirit of the State Council General Office of the relevant documents, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and herdsmen, maintaining social harmony and stability in agricultural and pastoral areas, the provincial government agreed to, recently, the office of the provincial government to further improve the province’s farmers and herdsmen to reduce the burden of work proposed the implementation of views, to strict management of agriculture related price, specification of a proposed raise fund and labor, to prevent arbitrary charges and levies and other measures for the behavior of farmers’ burdens.

the implementation of the views put forward, the most recent period, a number of areas to reduce the burden on farmers and herdsmen to pay attention to the extent of decline, the intensity of supervision has been weakened, the problem of agricultural chaos charges still exist. In this regard, the province at all levels and relevant departments must attach great importance to strengthen the work of farmers and herdsmen to do a good job to reduce the burden of responsibility and urgency, to ensure that the burden of farmers and herdsmen continue to control at a low level.

implementation of the work to reduce the burden on farmers and herdsmen to be clear: first, the strict management of agricultural charges and prices. Administrative fees for farmers and herdsmen must be strictly in accordance with laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the collection, it is strictly prohibited to farmers and herdsmen ride fee or apportion fees. At the same time to strengthen the agricultural and pastoral areas of compulsory education, family planning and other areas of the focus of supervision of arbitrary charges, in-depth inspection of the industry to solve the outstanding problems of farmers and herdsmen. The second is to regulate the implementation of a proposal to raise funds to work. To carry out a discussion to raise funds to raise funds adhere to the villagers voluntary, direct benefits, reasonable limits and other principles, strictly prohibited black box operation and super standard fund-raising work. The third is to carry out special rectification of outstanding issues, to prevent arbitrary charges and various acts of assessment. Fourth is to strictly implement the policy of benefiting farmers and farmers. The relevant departments at all levels of the subsidy project of farmers and herdsmen, are the "one card" or "ninety percent off links" issue, to ensure that the benefits of agricultural subsidies and subsidies benefit compensation in full and timely payment to households, and other expenses shall not be deducted or not ride fees or placing goods. (author: Xiao Yu)