ntelligent manufacturing and the integration of Qinghai characteristic industry

Recently, the reporter from the information technology and broadband Qinghai construction office was informed that, in order to promote our province "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing" and Qinghai characteristic industry, competitive industries depth of integration, since last year by the province to build 4 demonstration enterprises and 20 manufacturing enterprises to carry out demonstration and promotion of integrated information technology application, and promote the the transformation of Qinghai characteristic industrial production mode, provides information support services for the development of circular economy in our province, the intensive use of energy and resources, reduce environmental pollution and so on, also makes our province modern manufacturing industry informatization and the depth of integration.

according to the introduction, with 4 regional industry representative information demonstration enterprises and 20 demonstration manufacturing enterprises in our province is the Saline Lake for the chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting, high-end CNC and heavy machine tool manufacturing, tooling and machinery processing, bio pharmaceuticals, new energy and new materials industry characteristics and advantages of industry, focusing on key equipment design, bad production environment, complex production process, vigorously carry out the information integration technology, robot control technology, research and application of key technologies of network technology, intelligent control and other manufacturing information selected, representative and demonstration.

Through the application of

to carry out the information integration technology, demonstration enterprises have been established and developed according to the technical specification of informatization enterprise or standard enterprise product needs, technical standard product technology standard part of enterprises reached or exceeded the national and international relevant products, integrated information technology demonstration enterprises have been generally improved. According to the survey and statistics of the informatization index, the average of the new product development cycle is shortened by 35%, the production cycle is shortened by an average of more than 38%, and the contribution rate of the new product is more than 20%. Demonstration enterprises and enterprises to promote the application of the cumulative direct economic benefits of about 1 billion yuan; a total of 35 new product development, to obtain information related to the national and provincial scientific and technological achievements of 8, 7 patents, published papers and Information Article 10, development of relevant industry or enterprise standard 17, won the two prize of scientific and technological achievements in Qinghai province 3.


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