Last year Xining noise pollution accounted for 110 of the total number of complaints and complaints

December 25, 2009, reporters from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, environmental noise pollution has become a public concern for a few years, the environmental noise pollution last year accounted for 78% of the total complaints telephone 110.

in recent years, with the economic development of Xining and the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection, public environmental complaints have increased year by year. As of the end of November last year, the Xining municipal environmental protection hotline received a total of 110 1456, in which the noise pollution of air pollution (78%), (21%) the majority of complaints, the complaints of water pollution and waste pollution (0.6%) (0.4%). According to the relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department, the most direct harm caused by noise pollution to the people, especially the construction of noise on the normal work, study and rest environment caused by the impact is obvious. In the received noise pollution report, the construction of noise pollution complaints, followed by schools, hospitals, convalescent areas surrounding the production of noise pollution.

last year, Xining environmental protection service center 110 kinds of environmental complaints handling rate reached more than 98%, all kinds of pollution cases have been effectively curbed, and promptly solve the various types of environmental pollution complaints by the public.


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