Characteristics of green health food market

the development of the food and beverage industry has its own laws, grasp the law in order to quickly win wealth. Looking back on the food and beverage industry in 2013, is really a few happy few worries, but on the whole, the entire food and beverage industry is still in a state of depression. However, there are some food and beverage enterprises gratifying results, showing a fiery momentum of the situation, which is not difficult to find the development trend of the food and beverage industry in 2014.



personality + + benefits = delicious food development king

it is not difficult to find, the 2013 not only has all kinds of fashion restaurant, also there is no lack of personalized restaurant, like the train pulled into the restaurant city story train restaurant, a restaurant in the city will be peach peach and so on. Personalized dining environment and delicious dishes with reasonable price, it is 2014 catering survival way.


and consumers tend to choose large square to eat, depends largely on the square, shopping, watching movies, video games, and a number of dining business one-stop presentation, it is attracting more and more restaurants in large square. My grandmother bridge is like coming up this year in succession in each square opened 4 stores, and every family business is hot, such as a good momentum of development in 2014, plans to open eight to ten.

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