"You need a pound of celery, two kilos of distribution Small chili, right? Our 5 points unified distribution home." In the city of Xining City District incubation base, Qinghai Ge Yuanxiang l worry distribution company staff are answering the telephone orders. As a platform to rely on e-commerce platform to develop food and vegetable online shopping center, the company founder Zhao Haifeng embarked on a unique entrepreneurial road.

– starting business platform: targeting the heart to do a food safety

– Development: complete range

4300 Mu total Zhai yuan high type modern agricultural technology demonstration park in vegetable demonstration park as the supply base, and through large-scale and pollution-free vegetables, livestock breeding base of cooperation, after a year of development, the company can not only provide pollution-free green vegetables, fruit, meat, milk and eggs a series of live food, seasoning, also can buy on the website.

when it comes to how to protect all types of agricultural products sales website is pollution-free, the most fresh, Zhao Haifeng said: "we always base in the village, the construction of agricultural products detection platform, can realize the detection of pesticide residues, distribution of vegetables are needed to detect. At the same time, in the base, as well as distribution workshop, you can directly classify and packaging of agricultural products, more health."

and large-scale planting base in cooperation with logistics vehicles, the fresh agricultural products from the fields to the table, picked that day day home delivery to the feasibility of the model. Every day 12:30 unified orders, 5 pm distribution home, picking up from the edge of the table to the customer’s time is not more than 6 hours." Zhao Haifeng full of confidence.

– on the road: "worry" service allows customers to praise

have sufficient food reserve base, perfect business platform online and offline, how to promote and win the trust of consumers is a new problem in front of Zhao Haifeng. "We use the mode of intensive distribution, with each cell as a distribution unit, temporarily unable to deal with single. At present, the realization of the 19 district distribution." Zhao Haifeng said, to achieve the distribution of the District, each unit is equipped with a free storage box. Currently, these two have invested nearly $5 million."

"worry" service to;