China issued the province’s key projects of resource conservation and recycling

this year, in accordance with the requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, the province has actively organized the report of energy conservation, recycling economy, comprehensive utilization of 10 key areas of the field, in order to fight for the central grant funds to support. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the issue of resource conservation recycling projects in 2016 central budget investment plan (the second batch) Notice", bundling in our province issued the central subsidy funds 48 million yuan, of which 26 million yuan, the field of energy saving, recycling economy and comprehensive utilization of 22 million yuan.

at present, the provincial development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission timely decomposition of specific projects, and has completed the project preparation work. Through the vigorously promote resource conservation recycling projects, will further promote the upgrading of industrial projects, improve resource efficiency of energy use, contribute to the development of circular economy in our province the construction of the national pilot area.


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