Hao Peng meets with Chinese ambassador to Austria Elena

8 2, governor Hao Peng met with visiting Chinese ambassador to Austria,, and his party in Xining.

Hao Peng welcomed ambassador Elena’s visit to China, and briefly introduced the situation in Qinghai. He said that Qinghai has a vast territory, rich resources, prominent ecological status, is an important ecological security barrier in china. Qinghai has a long history, nationality, culture is bright and colorful, "crossroads of the ancient Silk Road" and "road Tangfangudao", has a unique advantage and strategic position in the "The Belt and Road" construction, a huge potential for development. In recent years, Qinghai depth into the "The Belt and Road" construction, and actively promote the countries along the Silk Road exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, expanding opening up. Hao Peng said that Qinghai and Austria are far apart, but the two sides in the ecological environmental protection, tourism, culture and other aspects have broad prospects for further exchanges and cooperation, hope to ambassador Elena to the green opportunity in promoting local high-level exchanges, enhance exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, trade and other fields, to facilitate the establishment of local the friendly relationship between provinces, Qinghai sincerely welcome more enterprises to develop green Austria, also encouraged me to have the strength enterprise to Austria entrepreneurship.

ambassador Elena expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Qinghai and the friendly meeting of governor Hao Peng, and was pleased with the achievements made by Qinghai. She said, Qinghai important ecological plateau, unique style, profound culture, beautiful Austria landscape, culture and tourism development, ecological protection, new energy development, technological innovation and other aspects of the concept and similar to Qinghai, also have in common. She said, is willing to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation, and actively build a platform in the field of economy and trade, tourism, education, culture, ecological environment protection, provide opportunities for cooperation, better play to the advantages of both sides, to achieve mutual benefit and common development.


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