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first_img Related Shows Role That Was a Dream Come True “I used to pinch myself every day that I walked into the St. James Theatre to play Leo Bloom in The Producers [four stints, 2004-2007]. I did it with John Treacy Egan, Brad Oscar and Tony Danza [as Max Bialystock], and it was a thrill to play the final performance of an iconic musical. I had seen the show a couple of times before going in, so I had Matthew Broderick in mind, but they allowed me to find my own version. Leo is a guy who has been closed off from the world. Max opens his eyes and helps him to really live for the first time, even though it’s by becoming a cheat. There’s something great about being a play in which you don’t have to work hard to get laughs—it’s like surfing. I felt so fortunate to be part of a Mel Brooks experience. I will always be able to say, ‘I was a Leo Bloom.’” Role I Wish I Could Have Done Longer “I loved every minute of Hands on a Hardbody [2013, as Benny Perkins], and I’ll always regret not being able to play that role longer. Benny was an Iraq war vet damaged by the loss of his son; he won the truck [in a previous competition] and he wants to win again to overcome his pain. By the end, he learns to reconnect with people, especially the character played by Keith Carradine. It was a very complicated character, and I loved the fact that he has redemption at the end. We tallied up that we probably spent five days around that truck during rehearsals. It was one of my favorite experiences ever, even though it ended so quickly. Musicals are all about timing, so who knows what might have happened in a different season. We’ll never know—unless it gets revived in 20 years!” Role I Would Love to Do Again “Kiss of the Spider Woman [2008, as Molina; Signature Theatre of Virginia] is a show that I would kill to do again. The role is such a roller coaster; by the end of the night I would be completely exhausted. Again, a complicated character: He’s got an incredible imagination and is full of heart and love, but doesn’t know where to place that love. And he’s heroic—in the end, he basically gives up his life for Valentin. [Composer] John Kander came to rehearsal, and I got to sing ‘She’s a Woman’ with him at the piano. He said, “I want you to interpret this and do whatever you want, and I’m just going to follow you.’ I thought, ‘My god!’ It was an amazing thrill and the most rewarding show I’ve ever done.” Role That Was the Most Challenging “Definitely, the most challenging thing I’ve ever done was a play by Thomas Bradshaw called Burning [2011, as Older Chris] at the New Group. It was three hours long with a lot of sexual scenes, and I had to be completely naked. My character was the older version of a young drug addict who was adopted by two gay men, and the play followed his journey through life. It was a complicated, broken character, and I had to let go of my inhibitions and expose myself on stage literally and emotionally. Then, friends and family came and sat on the front row! Even though the play was extremely challenging, I’m glad I did it. I felt like if I do that—just go for it—I could do just about anything.” Role That Was My Favorite to Prepare “I’ve never had a better time putting a show together than Happiness [2009, as Stanley; Best Featured Actor Drama Desk nomination]. [Director/choreographer] Susan Stroman created a wonderful environment, and Lincoln Center Theater is a terrific place to work. Great cast, too, including Joanna Gleason and Ken Page. I played a train conductor who helped people go on to the afterlife—when they died, they would get on his subway car. He was a bit of a scoundrel, which I enjoyed! Happiness was also one of the most disappointing experiences, because it deserved more than it got from the critics. It moved audiences as much as any show I’ve been in. Everything about it felt like love.” Hunter Foster can talk about musicals with an extra level of authority. Not only has the Tony-nominated actor starred in a fascinating variety of shows, he has actually written one—the book of the touching musical adaptation of Summer of ’42. Foster is currently taking on the challenge of creating a fleshed-out version of Bud Johnson, the husband of Kelli O’Hara’s character, in the Broadway premiere of The Bridges of Madison County. “I gravitate toward complicated characters,” says the versatile actor, which is obvious from his six Role Call choices. View Commentscenter_img The Bridges of Madison County Role That Was My Big Break “Urinetown [2001, as doomed hero Bobby Strong] was so special, particularly because we started in a 160-seat off-Broadway theater and became the hottest ticket in town. It was a unique little show that made it all the way to Broadway, and getting to perform on the Tony Awards was a childhood dream come true. When my agent sent me the script, he said, ‘Everyone is going to be scared away by the title.’ Shows that sound bad usually are, but Urinetown was a really well-crafted piece—sort of a love letter to musical theater. [Director] John Rando told everyone that the more serious we were, like Jerry Orbach in Law & Order, the funnier the show would be. I took my lead from Nancy Opel [as urinal matron Penelope Pennywise], who played every moment as if it was life and death. The ridiculousness is what made it so funny.” Show Closed This production ended its run on May 18, 2014last_img read more

first_img JAMES CALLAGHAN Played by Tony Ward Years as Prime Minister: 1976 to 1979 Here’s Wilson’s successor, a man whose name is regularly bandied about as Britain’s worst prime minister. (Some disagree.) Immediately, Callaghan had to deal with Britain’s trade unions and cut government spending. It went the exact opposite of well. His decision to halt union wage increases at five percent led to the Winter of Discontent of 1978-79, which “paralyzed hospital care, refuse collection, and other essential services,” according to The Encyclopedia Britannica. Even worse: in March 1979, Callaghan was issued a vote of no confidence by his own government, paving the way for an election against Margaret Thatcher. Take a wild guess how that went. Show Closed This production ended its run on June 28, 2015 ANTHONY EDEN Played by Michael Elwyn Years as Prime Minister: 1955 to 1957 Before he turned 40, Eden was a World War I veteran, parliament member, and the foreign secretary for Chamberlain. Eden served the latter role again under Churchill on two separate occasions until 1955. Tabbed as the Conservative Party’s new leader, Eden’s political rise crashed in 1956—and it involved foreign policy! Eden, along with France and Israel, used military force against Egypt’s General Abdel Nasser, who had nationalized the Suez Canal. Just one problem: America wasn’t onboard. “Eden was left to face the humiliating fact that Britain was no longer a world power, and he was obliged to withdraw British forces,” according to the BBC. Oops! Predictably, Eden resigned in January 1957. The Audience HAROLD WILSON Played by Richard McCabe Years as Prime Minister: 1964 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976 Wilson’s resignation in 1976 was a shock. Not only was he held in high regard—if you’re to believe Mirren, he was the Queen’s favorite—there was no Watergate or intern scandal hanging over his head. Wilson simply wanted to make room for the next wave. They had much to live up to. Under his watch, Wilson suspended the death penalty and legalized abortion (though under certain conditions). He also kept British troops out of the Vietnam War. “The immense popularity of Harold Wilson had been rooted in his plain style as well as in his flexible politics,” The New York Times observed in his 1995 obituary. Related Shows MARGARET THATCHER Played by Judith Ivey Years as Prime Minister: 1979 to 1990 Thatcher reversed the mess Callaghan left behind. Also, she was Britain’s first prime female minister, and the first elected to three terms. However, her historic reign was not all tea and crumpets. She led the British to victory in the Falklands War, but was nearly killed after the IRA planted a bomb at a Conservative Party conference. Her policies—including reforming trade unions and reducing social expenditures—helped lower inflation, but caused unemployment levels to skyrocket. And Thatcher actually resigned in the middle of her third term because her agenda (featuring the disastrous poll tax) clashed with fellow party members, who challenged her leadership. But when your life is turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep, you’ve done OK. JOHN MAJOR Played by Dylan Baker Years as Prime Minister: 1990 to 1997 Talk about a tough act to follow. Major, the son of an ex-circus performer, actually did an OK job succeeding Thatcher. (He was knighted, an honor not bestowed upon the hopeless—we think.) Under Major’s regime, there was a temporary cease-fire between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Island; plus, in the mid-1990s, unemployment and inflation decreased. Unfortunately, Major was never especially popular. Why? His first years in office occurred during an economic recession. Large tax increases did not endear Major to regular folk and neither did their perception of him as a “colorless and indecisive” leader. Ouch! Plus, the Conservative Party had been in power since 1979. Change was overdue. “It’s not you, it’s me” extends into politics! TONY BLAIR Played by Rufus Wright Years as Prime Minister: 1997 to 2007 This guy had a lot of firsts: At the age of 41, the whippersnapper became the youngest-ever leader of the Labour Party when John Smith suddenly died of a heart attack. Then at 43, he became the youngest prime minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812, winning by the largest landslide in Labour Party history. Within months of taking office, Princess Diana died and as seen in Morgan’s movie The Queen (which won Mirren her Oscar), Blair famously helped the Royal Family navigate the stormy waters caused by their initial public reaction to the death of “The People’s Princess.” It wasn’t all smooth sailing for him though—in the first six years in office, Blair sent British troops to battle a whopping five times—the most of any prime minister to date. WINSTON CHURCHILL Played by Dakin Matthews Years as Prime Minister: 1940 to 1945 and 1951 to 1955 Churchill is probably why the United Kingdom isn’t speaking German right now. During World War II, Churchill refused to follow former PM Neville Chamberlain’s accommodating attitude toward the Nazis. He got the political parties to work together and filled important positions with qualified hires. Most importantly, Churchill partnered with the United States and Soviet Union to defeat the Axis Powers, and even helped develop a strategy afterward. Still, the living icon—he was knighted and won a Nobel Prize for Literature—adored the far-younger queen. “I think my grandfather was platonically in love with her,” said Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames. “As a beautiful young woman she embodied all his romantic ideas of monarchy.” DAVID CAMERON Played by Rufus Wright Years as Prime Minister: 2010 to present Queen Elizabeth’s latest chat buddy initially brought youthful optimism to his leadership role. Cameron became Prime Minister at 43, the youngest to hold the position since 1812. “I want to switch on a whole new generation,” he told the BBC in 2005. During his regime, Cameron has promoted gay marriage and formed a pact with Liberal Democrats, leading to the first coalition government since World War II. Cameron has been confronted with a cold blast of political reality. Currently, he is under fire for not reducing immigration into the UK, a promise he made five years ago that he has not kept. View Comments Her Majesty has arrived! The Audience, Peter Morgan’s fictionalized account of Queen Elizabeth II’s weekly visits with her prime ministers, opens at the Schoenfeld Theater March 8 after a celebrated debut across the pond. Helen Mirren again portrays the monarch, this time holding court over a series of conversations with Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and more. Here’s a cheat sheet to give you a leg up on these royal sitdowns! GORDON BROWN Played by Rod McLachlan Years as Prime Minister: 2007 to 2010 Brown had the misfortune of being on board during the 2008 financial crisis leading to everything being not-so OK in the UK: massive unemployment, foreclosures, and a national budget deficit that would not go away. (Sound familiar, guys?) Brown might be forgiven for that, not so much the financial improprieties in Parliament and in his own cabinet. He certainly didn’t help matters by expensing 12,000 pounds in personal housecleaning and gardening services with parliamentary funds. His approval ratings dwindled. A change in power from the Labour Party to the Conservative Party, led to Brown’s 2010 resignation. QUEEN ELIZABETH II Played by Helen Mirren Prince Harry and William’s grandma was named queen after the death of her father, King George VI, on February 6, 1952. She was officially crowned on June 2, 1953, a few months after her 27th birthday. Queen Elizabeth’s job is very ceremonial: attending events, reading letters from citizens, meeting with various politicians and dignitaries, and discussing daily and future business. It’s basically like a less klutzy version of The Princess Diaries. Among those duties is meeting with the current prime minister every Wednesday. Do they talk about horses, the Queen’s passion? We don’t know. Records are not kept and neither party discloses details.last_img read more

first_img Aronovitz reports on All Bar Conference, MJP, court funding September 15, 2002 Regular News Aronovitz reports on All Bar Conference, MJP, court fundingcenter_img A new multijurisdictional practice committee, work on January’s All Bar Conference, and choosing liaisons to various Supreme Court groups, among other activities, have been occupying Bar President Tod Aronovitz lately.Aronovitz, presiding at his first Board of Governors meeting in August, reported on a wide range of activities since he took his oath of office during the June Annual Meeting.He noted that Supreme Court Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead has set up an advisory committee on Article V funding composed of chief judges, administrative personnel, and others. That group will work on the problems in the next two years as the state, pursuant to a constitutional amendment, takes over more trial court funding from the counties.Aronovitz said he has asked board members Grier Wells, Sharon Langer, and Richard Gilbert to serve as liaisons to that panel. “This really is the issue of the next year and the issue of the year after that as well,” he said, adding that he and President-elect Miles McGrane plan on attending the committee’s meetings.He also said Anstead has appointed former Bar Presidents Ben Hill and John DeVault to the board of the Supreme Court Historical Society, and they are working to boost that group’s activities. Aronovitz said he has asked board member Ervin Gonzalez to serve as liaison to that group.As to the All Bar Conference, the president announced that it would be held in conjunction with January’s Midyear Meeting and would focus on the Bar’s Dignity in Law campaign. He said board member Alan Bookman will chair the conference, which will study how the campaign is proceeding and what has been accomplished.Aronovitz announced he was looking for board members willing to serve on the Special Committee on MDP/Ancillary Business. And now that the threat of multidisciplinary practices has faded, he said the panel would be focusing more on helping lawyers interested in ancillary businesses.He also announced he would appoint a special committee to review the 10-point recommendations of the ABA concerning multijurisdictional practices. That committee will submit a report to the board and then to the Supreme Court either during the current Bar year or the following year. ( See story on page 1 of this News. )last_img read more

first_imgMore from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North2 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa21 hours ago10 Knightsbridge Pde West, Sovereign Islands.The symmetry and style of the full concrete, contemporary home attracted the buyers.“The buyers really loved the layout of the home and the sizes of the rooms, especially the five king-sized bedrooms,” said Amir Mian of Prestige Property Agents, who sold the property alongside fellow agent Jeff Sturgess. 10 Knightsbridge Pde West, Sovereign Islands. 10 Knightsbridge Pde West, Sovereign Islands has changed hands for $2.165 million.IT was a case of ‘try before you buy’ for the family who snapped up a Gold Coast mansion at auction for $2.615 million.The family, formerly of Sydney, had been renting another home on the street, deciding after just one inspection of No. 10 their future was destined to be on the Gold Coast.center_img 10 Knightsbridge Pde West, Sovereign Islands.“The open plan living and wide water frontage attracted them, as well as the six-car basement.”“Having already lived on Knightsbridge Pde, they were absolutely delighted with the buy, especially as they only need to move a very short way into their new home.”CoreLogic records show the property last changed hands for $2.9 million in 2007.last_img read more

first_imgNewstalk ZB 20 Feb 2013A New Zealand First MP is unhappy about people not being able to make oral submissions to select committee hearings on the Bill that allows same sex marriage.Lole Asenati Taylor says  more than 200 people have not had the chance to have their say on the Marriage Amendment Bill.She believes the six months set aside for  select committee consideration of the Bill is too short.The committee hearing the Bill has had to limit submission times to five minute due to the number of people who have wanted to be heard.–says-mplast_img

first_imgRome: Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri feels Cristiano Ronaldo is lacking match sharpness after the Portuguese put up another indifferent performance, according to his own high standards, against Napoli in the Coppa Italia final on Wednesday. The summit clash went into penalties after regulation time ended goalless. Napoli prevailed 4-2 as they won their sixth Coppa Italia crown. Ronaldo failed to find the back of the net in back-to-back matches and Sarri stated he didn’t say anything to the players after the game as he was disappointed just like them. “He’s in the same shape as the others, like Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa, he is lacking the sharpness to do what works best for him,’ Sarri told RAI as per Daily Mail. “I didn’t say much to the players after the game. I was angry and disappointed just like them, so at these moments it’s best to stay silent.” Ronaldo was set to take the last penalty kick but his chance never came as teammates Paulo Dybala and Danilo wasted their respective kicks. IANSAlso watch: Evening Bulletin | 18th June, 2020last_img read more

first_imgCMC – In-form batsman Shai Hope is expecting little different from the spin-friendly Queens Sports Club track, when the second Test bowls off here Sunday.The wicket proved a challenge from the opening day, providing generous turn from the opening session, and Hope said he was already bracing for similar conditions, as West Indies went in search of a series sweep.“I do think it’s going to respond the same way as the first game. The pitch is even drier than the first game but it’s about trusting your process again,” the elegant right-hander said.“You have your individual game plans and as a team we have to make sure we are precise with those game plans and make sure we can combat anything they bring to us.”West Indies buckled cheaply for 219 in their first innings as leg-spinner Graeme Cremer and left-arm spinner Sean Williams accounted for the majority of wickets.But after securing a 60-run lead, West Indies compiled 373 in their second innings to take command of the game, and force a 117-run victory late on the fourth day last Tuesday.“I must commend our guys for the display of batting we showed, especially Roston (Chase),” Hope said of his counterpart who scored 95 in the second innings.“He came out and scored freely as if it wasn’t turning so credit must go to him and the batting team in general. We played well, we responded to their spin attack and we just need to do the same in the second Test.”Hope was also among the runs, stroking a superb unbeaten 90 in the first innings and following up with 44 in the second.His performances saw him make yet another leap in the ICC batting rankings where he now lies 24th, as the second highest-ranked Windies player behind opener Kraigg Brathwaite at 18th.“I just want to keep growing. As a batter, you got to this level playing decent cricket and now you have to trust your ability, trust your game,” the 23-year-old pointed out.“You know you have the strength to get over the line to play decent quality bowlers. You have to trust your process. You work hard in the nets to go out there and do a job and you make sure you do that when you go out there.”He added: “It’s just doing whatever you can for the team. In this format, my aim is to bat as long as possible and get big totals for the team so those things (rankings) come secondary. You see them but you don’t really go out there with those things in mind.”last_img read more

first_imgBuhari commended the visionary leadership, innovative spirit and the brotherliness among members that had sustained the club since it was first conceptualized as an informal organization of tennis lovers to a formal and cosmopolitan group with a strong global appeal.“As the club celebrates its 90thanniversary, the President urges members to use the platform and opportunity of regularly assembling people of various backgrounds to promote peace, unity and national cohesion,” the statement added.‎Buhari wished the Yoruba Tennis Club a joyous and memorable anniversary.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Tobi Soniyi in AbujaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated the Yoruba Tennis Club as it celebrates its 90thanniversary.A statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina‎, the president joined the Lagos State Government, all members of the club and teeming supporters in marking the unique milestone of the oldest club in Nigeria, which was established in 1926.last_img read more

first_img CT Gaming bolsters Italian profile with The Betting Coach  August 27, 2020 Di Maio’s man Giacomo Lasorella takes leadership of AGCOM August 17, 2020 Submit TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Share Related Articles As anticipated the Lega-5Star coalition government has turned up the heat on illegal gambling enterprises and black-market actors, moving to introduce Italy’s hardest stance on unlicensed gambling activities.Last week the Italian assembly confirmed that the government could move forward with its tax charge increases across all gambling verticals, announced during the year-end close of 2018.In its update, Lega-5Star would introduce a raft of new decrees strengthening the Italian police and judicial courts’ capacities against mafia-related gambling activities, which have come into the public spotlight following money-laundering charges made against licensed bookmakers in the well-publicised ‘Glassia’ police investigation.Seeking to ‘strengthen controls and penalties’ against bad actors, Lega-5Star have increased the criminal sentencing for illegal gambling activities land-based and digital from 3-to-6 years – formerly 6 months to 3 years.Updating legal provisions, Gambling enterprises that are deemed to have aided criminal activities, will be hit with penalties of ‘€50,000 for each violation’.Furthermore, Betting shops or arcades that operate unlicensed/unregistered/illegal gaming machines will be charged with €20,000-per-unit fines.Supporting its police forces, Lega-5Star has tasked the Italian Ministry of Finance with monitoring Illegal gambling activities forming a strategic unit, with the special guidance of the Antimafia Parliamentary Committee.Last week’s update, sees Lega-5Star continue its frosty relations with Italian gambling regulatory body – Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), which appear to have been given limited capacity on new anti-mafia directives.Following last year’s Galassia fall-out, Lega-5Star officials continue to press Italian Economic Minister Giovanni Tria, to call for a review of ADM licensing processes and IT systems.last_img read more

first_imgGame developer Bluehole announced late last week that it has split PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds away from the main company and it is now being maintained by a subsidiary, PUBG Corp.Credit: PUBGThe subsidiary is to be “focused entirely on the development and global business opportunities” for the smash-hit title that has already amassed a sensational amount of sales considering the game is in early-access and yet to be fully released. The new company will see PUBG’s development lead Chang Han Kim appointed CEO of PUBG Corp, and Woonghee Cho, former CEO of Maui Games and Head of Business Development at Neowiz join as COO of the company as they look to continue PUBG’s staggering early growth. The early-access Battle Royale style game has taken the world by storm. It’s sold over 13 million copies pre-release which is nothing short of sensational. At £30 a pop, it’s not as if the Korean developer is short of money raised on that front. Additionally, the game continues to be popular as it has now broken the record for concurrent users on Valve’s game platform Steam, eclipsing the likes of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the future.Whilst questions remain over whether or not the Battle Royale format will or will not make it as an esport, by splitting the company and creating PUBG Corp, Bluehole clearly seem committed to ironing out problems in the game. Whilst many of the community are starting to get frustrated at certain aspects of the title and competitors have come about, it’s still undoubtedly going strong.Chang Han Kim stated in a press release: “This new structure allows us to be nimble as we look towards the expansion of strategic business opportunities that include the game’s potential in the esports sector and the growth of PUBG as a true global IP franchise”.Esports Insider says: Bluehole obviously still have significant ambition for their already blockbuster, record-breaking title. For it to forge a path in the esports world, developments will have to come thick and fast as we’ve all seen in the past that gamers can be extremely fickle at the best of times.last_img read more